EPO-555 | Union Hall | 6.25.2007

Epo555_unionhallPerhaps the biggest turnout yet for Denmark’s EPO-555 at Union Hall on Monday night, with a full crowd including two fans who flew in from Texas just for the show! The band repaid in kind by really giving it their all, especially front man Mikkel Hansen who tore into his guitar on nearly every song but always emerged with a big grin on his face.

This is the first time EPO-555 have played America with records actually being available in shops, though it would be a stretch to say that Ryko is doing much in the way of promoting it. But Hansen and the rest of the group — including a new keyboardist Tine taking over for Hansen’s wife Camilla who’s busy with their new baby — aren’t letting indifference or small crowds get them down. The 40 minute set hit most of the high points off both albums (though no "Le Beat’s on Fire") plus a cover of Depeche Mode’s "Stripped."

I shot video of their performance but somehow the files got corrupted, so no rad shredding sorry to say. But one survived. As mentioned previously, the night was also the birthday party of EPO-555 booster and Ugly Floral Blouse writer Heather’s birthday. After their show, Mikkel kept asking her to name three instruments. She did — keyboards, guitar, and something else (I’m a little fuzzy) — but why? We soon found out it was a Danish birthday song of sorts. It took me a while to realize this is something I should be documenting, and once I did the memory on my camera was almost full. Just know this went on for something like six or seven minutes:

So if a Dane ever asks you to name three instruments, come up with some creative choices.

EPO-555 played the Orchard Bar last night, but you’ve still got a chance to see them on this brief Stateside jaunt. They play Maxwell’s tonight (6/27) and on Thursday (6/28) they travel to Boston for a show at PA’s. They’ll return in September to hit the West Coast, so catch them while you can.

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  1. I did not think it was possible for you to be *more* awesome, but you proved me wrong. I am so happy you were able to tape some of the birthday song! Oh, one teeny little thing since I'm their booster and all: it's Camilla who is Mikkel's wife and a former member of the band. Tine joined the band in January. Camilla still plays with Mikkel's other project, Oliver North Boy Choir. Digital releases only with beautiful vocals, of course. I also don't know if epo will be back as soon as September. I think it's later, but hopefully it will still happen. They played Le Beat's on Fire at 200 Orchard. Sounded like a different key though. Thanks again, Mr. Soundbites!

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