Stars Hollow: Indie Rock Epicenter of the World

KirkkaraokeBREAKING NEWS: This will be the last season. Two more episodes, folks. Official statement over Alan Sepinwall’s way.

Last night’s Gilmore Girls had the most indie rock references since last year’s season finale when Yo La Tengo, Sonic Youth, Sparks, and Joe Pernice vied for Town Troubadour.

Zach got an offer to fill for lead guitar on some band called Vapo-Rub’s summer tour and the name-dropping followed quickly:Tokyo Police Club (who, in the Gilmore world can headline Bowery Ballroom AND Roseland), Eminem, Iggy Pop, Grizzly Bear, Crooked Fingers, the Rosebuds, Bobby Conn and Midlake, plus mentions of venues Mercury Lounge, the 9:30 Club, the Black Cat, Magic Stick, and First Unitarian Church.

All this and Kirk singing "Karma Chameleon." I’ve been iffy on the Palladino-less incarnation of GG but I’ve like the last few episodes, even if the references are ham-fisted these days. Whether it will return an eighth season is still up in the air — word is yes, but in a shortened form — and I’m entirely ambivalent towards whatever outcome. (I’m more interested in Friday Night Lights coming back for a second.) But I would like to see them get Amy Sherman Palladino back for the final episode, whenever that may be, as she has long said she knew the last words to be uttered by the Gilmores. That I want to hear.

ADDED: I was thinking about the first time I ever heard an indie rock reference in a mainstream TV show. It was on Roseanne — Darlene goes to see Daisy Chainsaw. (Remember their single "Love Your Money"?) I looked up the episode ("Good Girls, Bad Girls") on IMDB and guess who wrote it? Amy Sherman, who hadn’t yet married fellow Roseanne writer Daniel Palladino.


  1. I had never heard that about A.S.P. saying she knew what their last words would be. That is going to drive me bonkers now! I love that Zach and Lane's kids are Steve and Kwon (Quon?), did they ever explain why they picked those names?

  2. First remembered indie reference on TV? Trying to score tickets to the Buffalo Tom show on My So Called Life. I didn't even realize they were an actual band at the time. I found out when I tried to look up a song in the episode and discovered it was Late at Night by…Buffalo Tom.

  3. Predating those — or around the same time — I think, was an episode of Blossom where the dad and grandpa were playing Name That Tune on the grand piano they had in the living room. Grandpa says he can name it in four notes. The dad plays four notes. Grandpa says "'Here Comes Your Man' by the Pixies.'" That had to have been 1991 or 1992.

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