Goodbye Gilmore Girls

Maybe I got just a little choked up a couple times here and there. I wish Amy Sherman Palladino had written it, but this was a warm, satisfying a fairly fitting end to one of this decade’s best television series. The cast said that they weren’t sure when filming whether it was the series finale or not when they made it, but it sure seemed like one watching it. Nice song choice for Lorelei and Luke’s reunion kiss, too.

MP3: The Mighty Lemon Drops – Inside Out


  1. I agree that the finale was a fitting end to the series.
    Admittedly, I bought 'Inside Out' this morning because of that scene. Was it the scene that made the song or did the song make the scene?

  2. I think it was more a combination of both — an alchemy Gilmore Girls got right better than almost any other show.

  3. Now we can watch the Amy Sherman-Palladino show with Parker Posey and Lauren Ambrose, The Return of Jezebel James, in the fall on Fox.
    The CW killed Veronica Mars. This season wasn't the best, but still…

  4. I was so furious when she married Christopher that I actually stopped watching the show. I'm glad to know the show ended with her and Luke.

  5. I don't no SQUAT 'bout the Gilly Girls but THE MIGHTY LEMON DROPS were the most UNDER RATED BAND EVER!!!! their TUNES hold up well even TODAY…It was one of those bands that slipped between our fingers…OUTTA OUR HANDS!! Cheers!, Henry Ponds

  6. i thought that gilmore girls sould have gone on. i really hated the end of it. i wanted to see lorlie and luke get married. i am so glad that rory didn't get married to logan. he just wasn't right for her. but i do wish that a seson 8 could have been the last seson.

  7. i wanted rory to marry logan i thought they were great together. He was hot and rich and they seemed happy together. I didn't like how logan just left at the end. But i also have to agree that i was mad that luke and lorlie didn't get married. I heard the are doing a movie maybe they will get married in the movie.

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