Elsewhere | 5.09.2007

David Chang
, fresh off his being named Rising Star Chef of the Year at the 2007 James Beard awards, dishes to Eater about the new Momofuku. The original Noodle Bar moves into much-needed new digs up the block, while the old space is becoming Momofuku Ko. What is that? Chang: "At Momofuku Ko, we’ll showcase everybody’s cooking, to make it work as a collaborative kitchen. I’d like to be cooking more than I am right now, but I’m the asshole who runs around and answers the phone and poses for photographs with Martha Stewart now." He was so worried people would find out too early, Chang made fake menus for the windows of the new space that promised "24 Flat-Screen TVs" and such edibles as Tuna Tartare w/Avacado and Warm Flourless Chocolate cake. [EATER]


Fountains of Wayne’s Adam Schlesinger is keeping a tour diary on The Onion AV Club. The lengthy first entry is pretty great: "Coachella is a magnet for music-biz luminaries such as Tara Reid, Paris
Hilton, and Cameron Diaz. For some reason, these and other celebrities
spent little time in our trailer, despite our open-door policy and our ‘Free Hummus’ sign."


I must admit I’m relieved that The CW is putting Gilmore Girls out of our misery. I fully expect that TV Guide‘s Michael Ausielo will have an interview with the show’s estranged creator, Amy Sherman Palladino, any day now, but you can now check out this interview with star Lauren Graham: "So I always worried that there would be some pressure to… (Laughs) My extreme example was always, ‘Double wedding!’ I just didn’t want there to be a big event. But there’s definitely a direction [with Luke/Lorelai] that I think will be satisfying." [TV GUIDE]

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