The Soundtrack of Our Lives | Mercury Lounge | 4.4.2007

It's too late (plus, I'm leaving for Mexico tomorrow morning) to write up a full report of this epic show, but suffice to say Sweden's The Soundtrack of Our Lives never ever fail to deliver the goods. In this case, they delivered for two and half hours(!!!), playing just about every song you could ever want to hear. An hour of sit-down acoustic (including a fantastic cover of Love's "Signed, DC") then a 15 minute break, followed by the full-on electric mayhem they're known for.

The only song I kinda wanted to hear but didn't was Behind the Music's "I'm Still Aging," but we got lots from Welcome to the Infant Freebase and Extended Revelation for the Psychic Weaklings of Western Civilization which were both pretty much absent from setlists over the last four years. Burly frontman Ebbot Lundberg was in fine burly form but, for me, it's drummer Fredrik Sandsten (master of fills and stick-twirls) and guitarist
Mattias Bärjed (equally skilled in Rock Moves) who make their show so compelling. But really, you could solely watch any of the six members and be entertained. And it's hard to take a bad picture of TSOOL, though I came pretty close.

Setlist, thanks to the forums…

Acoustic set: Not Kinda Worried | Mega Society | Believe I've Found | Lone Summer Dream | Signed DC (Love cover) | Century Child | The New Messiah | To Somewhere Else | Endless Song | Pass Through Fear | Just A Brother | Black Star | Broken Imaginary Time

Electric set: Fly (Nick Drake cover) | 21st Century Rip Off | Still Get Around | James Last Experience | Mind The Gap | Big Time | Age of No Reply | Galaxy Grammophone | Sick of You (Stooges cover) | Instant Repeater '99 | Sister Surround | Mantra Slider | Jehovah Sunrise 

MP3: The Soundtrack of Our Lives – Sister Surround (Buy TSOOL CDs)



  1. i saw tsool a few years ago and they blew my mind! there was a real buzz in the audience when the show had finished and you could tell they had converted some people who hadn't heard of them before. you're spot on about the drummer and the guitarist – they were worth the ticket fee alone. tsool are a fantastic live band – see them whenever you can!

  2. Thank u for the information. its really an amazing band. I have attended so many shows of theirs. The audience really goes out of control at their show. They are doing a great job. Its really amazing !!!

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