Planningtorock | Bowery Ballroom | 3.30 + 3.31 2007

Planningtorock"More like Planning to Suck," I heard someone grumble. Some might agree but I kinda liked Janine Roston‘s one woman show which seemed more like performance art than a concert. Kids don’t get enough culture these days, that’s what I say.

With a laptop as her backing band, and weird projections playing in the background, Rostron kind of reminded me of the crazy French lady on LOST. She wore billous white clothes, and donned at least three different hats/masks, including one that made her look like the Sandpeople in Star Wars. She had a chair that she often stood on while she rolled the mike around in her hands or sang into a bone. (Yes, I said a bone.) I thought for sure she was going to fall off.

As for the music, it’s a little like the Knife, who PTR was originally supposed to open for at Webster Hall. Like the weirdest Knife song, but minus most of the beats, and if everything was derived from classical music samples. Yet it sort of rocked. I don’t think the crowd of LCD Soundsystem fans was quite ready for Planningtorock. But James Murphy was. On Friday night he stood in the little doorway of the stage and watched the whole show, pumping his fist to a couple of the songs. And both he and drummer Pat Mahoney wore PTR tshirts during LCD’s set.

They all obviously had some time to kill on Saturday as they worked up a joint PTR-LCD number with everyone coming out to back up Rostron. It could’ve been that, or that I knew what to expect, or that I was familiar with some of the songs, but she definitely grew on me. I’ll take freaky over boring any day.

MP3: Planningtorock – I Wanna Bite Ya (From Have It All – buy it won’t you?)

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