Eddie Argos
is blogging for The Guardian: "Whenever bands are in airports, they inevitably get asked, ‘what’s the name of your band?’ by airport staff. When I say Art Brut they never know who we are and there’s often an awkward silence…Mikey, our drummer, has started saying he’s Coldplay’s drummer, even signing autographs on occasion.


My friend Toby who lives in Seattle has a fine blog, The Finest Kiss. He’s got the new single from tall Swedish group Shout Out Louds, "Tonight I Will Leave It." Sounds like the Cure’s "In Between Days" to me. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.


He may have been sidelined for nearly a year, but Roger Ebert‘s annual Overlooked Film Festival rolls on. He checks in on how he’s doing: "To paraphrase Raging Bull, ‘I aint a pretty boy no more." We’re all rooting for you, Rog.


Headphone Sex has a nice post and an MP3 from one of my favorite British nu-gaze bands, Maps.

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