Elsewhere: Cornelius, Klaxons, Control

Toby at The Finest Kiss is awed by Japan’s Cornelius ‘ Seattle stop on their Sensuous US tour. I haven’t seen them play since the Flaming Lips’ Music Against Brain Degradation tour in 1999 (Rolling Stone’s review of the show I saw at now-defunct Tramps) where Cornelius blew everyone away. It isn’t just a concert… it’s an experience. Check out this clip from YouTube.  Tickets are amazingly still available for the May 11 show at Webster Hall, which for once may actually be the right venue.


Klaxons’ guitarist admits to Pitchfork that his favorite song ever is Chris Deburgh’s "Lady in Red." At least he’s honest. "This is pretty much the soundtrack to every moment of my childhood." He also likes Top Chef.


Anton Corbjin‘s highly-anticipated Ian Curtis biopic, Control, will premiere May 17 at this year’s Cannes Film Festival as part of the Director’s Fortnight Series, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

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