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Shameless plug time. I’ve been contributing my opinions and knowledge (in that order) to Blog Fresh Radio, a new syndicated series that is still being shopped to networks and stations, but can be heard currently online. The show’s producers scan music blogs, find the best stuff, interview the blog owners about the music, and then play one of the songs from the post. It’s a pretty entertaining listen.

Full disclosure: the people who make it are friends of mine, which probably has something to do with me being on almost every episode. Just like Paul Lynde on Hollwood Squares: highly entertaining, always there.

Please, no jokes about other ways I am like Paul Lynde.

So if you’ve always wanted to hear me speak about the bands I write too much about already, please check it out. It’s not just me, thank god. Other blogs featured include Ear Farm (George Goebel), Chromewaves (Rich Little), 20 Jazz Funk Greats (Charo), The Runout Groove (Charley Weaver), and more. We’re known as the "posse." Never been part of a posse before, which is very exciting.

All episodes are available for streaming or download.

By the way, if you’re never seen this clip of KISS performing on Paul Lynde’s 1978 Halloween Special, you should really check it out.


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