Spells Speaks to Me

I got an advance of the new Comas album, Spells, about a month ago and was initially put off because it was copy protected and I couldn’t put it on my iPod. But being a huge fan of their last album, Conductor,  I broke down and actually used my CD player again to listen it, and it has stayed in my kitchen stereo ever since. (For me, listening while cooking is the NYC equivalent of what listening while driving used to be.) Who knows if I would have listened to it as much if it had been on my iPod the whole time? Thanks, DRM!

But I’ve now got a finished copy of the album, and feel a need to share. Spells isn’t as seemingly angry a record as the brilliant, venomous Conductor (could anything be? Surely a modern contender for Ultimate Breakup Album) but the songwriting is ace, and what we have here is a bona-fide album, listenable from start to finish. And the cover art is creepy, beautiful. It’s out April 17, and you can pre-order it if that the sort of thing you do. But you should definitely buy it upon that date. You won’t be sorry.

MP3: The Comas – Stoneded

MP3: The Comas – Thistledown

The band will be playing some NYC dates around the release, including an opening slot on what has to be the hottest show next week: Patrick Wolf at Hiro on April 5, which I would be going to if I wasn’t going to Mexico the same day. The Luna Lounge gig is also nice, as they’re playing with The Octagon who I like a lot too.

Apr 5     Hiro Ballroom (w/ Patrick Wolf, The Cloud Room and The Rub) Free with RSVP
Apr 11   Fontana’s
Apr 20   Luna Lounge (w/ The Octagon, De Novo Dahl, Hymns)

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  1. hey bill p.
    just came across your blog by accident…what are the chances of that? hope you're well and all…
    nice entry on mark e's 50th.
    Andy U

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