New Sloan Tour Dates

For those annoyed that Sloan‘s last dip into the Lower 48 didn’t included much beyond NY, you’ll be happy to hear that Jay, Chris, Patrick and Andrew are returning for a faily extensive tour of the US, kicking off next week in Buffalo, and then onto SXSW for a bunch of shows and then up and down both coasts. Sorry Middle-America, you’re still out of luck.

Mar 13, Buffalo, NY Town Ballroom   
Mar 15, Austin, Texas Fader Party
Mar 16, Austin, Texas JANE Magazine Party
Mar 16, Austin, Texas Dirty Dog SXSW – Yep Roc Showcase
Mar 17, Austin, Texas Red Seven Mess With Texas Party
Apr 27, Portland, OR Doug Fir Lounge   
Apr 28, Seattle, WA Neumo’s   
Apr 30, San Francisco, CA The Independent   
May 01, Los Angeles, CA    The Troubadour   
May 02, San Diego    House Of Blues
May 10,  Hoboken, NJ   Maxwell’s
May 11 , Brooklyn, NY   Southpaw
May 12, Philadelphia, PA  World Cafe Live
May 13, Washington, DC   Black Cat
May 14, Carrboro, NC   Cat’s Cradle
May 16, Nashville, TN   Exit / In
May 18, Minneapolis, MN   Fine Line
May 19, Chicago, IL   Metro
May 20, Grand Rapids, MI  Intersection

My love of Sloan is fairly well documented here.

Sloan photo: Live in Detroit, St. Andrews Hall, January 20, 2007 from Ruhdew’s Flickr photostream.


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