Hibachi of the Near Future

MTV2’s Subterranean is so much better now that we no longer have to watch smarmy Jim Shearer interview bands. More time for videos! The producers are still making "original content" for the show, however — band interview segments in kooky places. The past couple weeks they’ve shown The Klaxons being interviewed at some Japanese hibachi joint. Watching the band trying to give serious answers while being distracted by the hibachi chef’s antics is priceless. Even serious talk of how the internet has changed the way bands get signed is no match for the onion volcano:

NY Magazine
may say that England is undergoing a culinary Renaissance, but the Klaxons beg to differ:


The Klaxons’ epic, awesome debut, Myths of the Near Future, is out now. Tickets for the Klaxons April 13 show at Studio B are only $10 and still available. I was somewhat underwhelmed at the band’s first two NYC shows, but having heard the album in all it’s glory I’m hoping for greater things this time.

A couple more Subterranean clips after the jump…


<p>Why they do their own artwork:</p>

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<p>On turning down a gig opening for Muse at Wembley Stadium (dig the egg skills of the chef!):</p>

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