Sam Mason: Indie Rock Superchef

Sam Mason
is a busy man. The tattooed pastry chef that wowed diners with his clever deserts at Wylie Dufresne’s WD-50 left that famed temple of molecular gastronomy last year to do his own thing. TailormenuideasThat thing is Tailor, his new restaurant with Francis Derby (who worked at Gilt during Paul Liebrant’s controversial, short regime) which is set to open next month on the corner of Thompson and Broome. Mason has been documenting the process of getting the menu, space and details ready in weekly dispatches on New York Magazine‘s food blog, Grub Street. Mason’s genius deserts were the highlight of the birthday meal I had at WD-50 last year, and the menu ideas he posted on Grub Street make Tailor sound like one of the more adventurous, forward-thinking places in the city.

You’d think trying to open what will surely be one of the highest-profile restaurants of the Spring would be enough, but Mason is also host of the soon-to-happen online cooking-and-music show, Dinner with the Band. While the show’s pilot (which was online until just recently) played a bit like Tyler Florence’s Food 911 but with music slant, from the looks of web series’ official trailer, the show has been reworked so that bands come over to Mason’s apartment, hang out, cook, and play a couple songs. I think it’s a great idea (of course, given this blog’s name, I would) and if there was ever guy to do the job, Sam’s the man.

Upcoming episodes will feature EL-P but the show’s producers (those Finger-on-the-Pulse brothers, who should really think about changing their moniker to Fingers-in-Everything) are looking for bands to fill out the remaining shows. Not that many bands read this blog (if any) but I highly recommend that any that do contact the talent coordinator. Who would turn down the chance to have someone as talented as Mason cook for you — and get publicity out of it to boot? Even if I was in a band that wouldn’t normally bother with something on this small level, I would go do it. Even if the show never aired, it would be worth you hauling your gear over to his pad if you get to eat the food. But that’s me.

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