Peter and Bjorn (not John) on Sandwiches, Whistling

Turns out a PB&J sandwich would not be peanut butter and jelly as they don’t like them. (Too sweet.) So what is it? Sun-dried tomatoes, hummus, and "some kind of pork." How soon can the Stage Deli get this on the menu?

This bombshell and more over at The DL, where Peter Moren and Bjorn Yttling stopped by to play acoustic and answer fan questions. John was elsewhere.

Also, their response to "Whistlegate":

After last week’s shows at Union Hall and Mercury Lounge, I think I am PB&J’d out for a while. I am ready to try that sandwich, though.

Ok… one more of these. Some girl wrote in to ask them what they’re listening to at the moment. Bjorn recommends El Perro del Mar,  and then mentions some band called Locksaw, or Lochsa, or Lockso… I have Googled and Googled but can’t figure out what the hell he said. Any help here?

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