New Young Pony Club | The Bomb

NypcI don’t think that New Young Pony Club have yet to fully harness the energy they have live onto any of their recordings, but they are getting there with "The Bomb." The subtle vocoder use in the chorus, icy synths, cyclical sequencer lines, and rock-solid rhythm section propelling things ever-forward. It sounds produced but live at the same time. More than almost any of their compatriots, New Young Pony Club are better felt than thought about. (Especially the lyrics, not the band’s strong point.) Turn it up loud and dance.

MP3: New Young Pony Club – The Bomb
| Watch the video

There are reports they are playing with Simian Mobile Disco at the Modular party at Studio B on March 10, but as they’re not playing SXSW this seems less than likely.


  1. New Young Pony Club.
    They're the best thing that has been 80s cliché since leggings.
    They're the tits. Catchy, but not annoying.
    Heaty, fruity and fucking fantastic, lads.

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