New Maximo Park | “Our Velocity”

Maximopark_ourvelocityThe first taste of Maxïmo Park‘s upcoming sophomore effort, Our Earthly Pleasures, "Our Velocity" is another of singer Paul Smith‘s you-and-me-against
-the-world anthems, that rushes by with a speed to match the song’s title. It also zigs and zags melodically, going in places you don’t expect that make you want to listen to it again immediately. It did me, at least.

There is also a heavy Devo thing going on here that should hopefully keep both of
keyboardist Lukas Wooler‘s hands on his instrument at all times. No more karate chops, please! Surely this would sound great segued into or out of Mahogany’s "Supervitesse." Gil Norton’s production keeps the rest of the band good and loud too. After an initial fascination with them, I cooled quickly on the ‘Park, but has me excited again — fast.

MP3: Maximo Park – Our Velocity

Video, via YouTube — I take back what I said. The keyboardist is still doing silly things.


Our Earthly Pleasures is out April 2.


  1. Seeing them live at Rothko that time dampened my enthusiasm. I still like their records, but the lead singer was kind of annoying during their set (in addition to the keyboard player). Maybe he's less annoying now? That whole posse, The Futureheads, Field Music and Maximo Park all seem to play with melody and rhythm in offbeat ways, in my opinion. It's rather refreshing.

  2. really like the new song! the more I listen, the more I enjoy it. Can't wait to see them in concert!

  3. Thanks for the song, i like this band
    Glad to hear them come back…

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