Introducing Eat to the Beat

Despite not that many entries about it, the whole idea for this blog
was to combine my two favorite things: music and food. People often ask
me where a good place to eat before a show, so I thought I’d pass along
years of intelligence-gathering on to you, the reader.

The result is Eat to the Beat,
a NYC dining guide centered around the city’s music venues. I’d really
hoped to have the major clubs covered by CMJ week, but…. here’s the first in what will soon be many: Galapagos and the soon-to-open Music Hall of Williamsburg.

I’d also like to put out a call to any bands (or publicist types who know bands) who might like to contribute a "Rocker’s Choice" to where you like to eat before a gig. I promise I will come up with a better name than "Rocker’s Choice."

Also also: Anybody want to help me with Google Maps? I’ll buy you dinner somewhere nice.


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