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David Cross
shares a week’s worth of eating with Grub Street: It’s mostly snacks, including peanut butter on pretzel rods. "I just dip them in there and have them with a glass of red wine. I am not kidding. I am both 12 and 42 years old." He also eats a lot of ramen, but refreshingly doesn’t mention Momofuku, instead giving props to the nearby, excellent Minca: "It’s cheap, filling, and everything is infused with succulent pork fat, like an angel’s ejaculate."


Additionally… this is a bit old, but I have to give props to New York Magazine‘s Everything Guide to Chinatown, which includes Fatty Crab owner Zac Pelaccio’s favorite places; a couple different annotated "so that’s what that stuff is" photos; and, best of all, a map of everything on mysterious East Broadway. This is easily the most useful, handy thing of it’s kind since the Porkchop Express brought us the map of the Red Hook Soccer Field vendors and is a good example of what the internet was made for.

Minca ramen photo swiped from Transparent Reality’s Flickr photostream.

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  1. Wow… just last night I had pretzels and peanut butter with a glass of pinot noir. No kidding. I must admit, it wasn't a combination I'm likely to repeat.

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