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interviews Ricky Gervais, just in time for Sunday’s Season 2 premiere of Extras on HBO. As always, the AV Club does a better job than you’ll read anywhere else: "I just don’t think there’s any pleasure in getting an easy laugh. There
can be no reward. You stand at the back of a chain comedy club, and
those guys come out and they’re going, ‘Ha! What’s going on with
Scooby-Doo? A talking dog!’ And I want to shout, ‘It’s a kids’
program!’ What vein of comedy gold have they really hit upon there?"

UPDATE: Extras co-creator Stephen Merchant will be on BBC 6Music’s jukebox jury show, Roundtable, today at 1pm EST. Along with presenter Steve Lemacq and two other (yet-unnamed) guests, they’ll be listening to and discussing new music from Towers of London, Willy Mason, The Gossip, Xerox Teens and the new, blatantly commercial single from Kaiser Chiefs. If you can’t listen live, they offer an archive stream of the show till next Friday.


Elsewhere in the AV Club world writers Noel Murray and Scott Tobias discuss (well, it’s a faux discussion, this was obviously written) the Best TV  of 2006. Best show: The Wire. Best new comedy: 30 Rock. Best new drama: Friday Night Lights. I couldn’t agree more. (Jeff at Central Village does too, at least about FNL.)


Former Williamsburg resident Barry Manilow has no time for overly snarky Time Out NY writers, hanging up on Christina Black after three questions. (In her defense, he does kinda seem like a prick.)

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  1. I take it your not a Fanilow? You're still welcome to attend our Manilow tailgate: come for the music, but stay for the passion! More info here.

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