Klaxons – Golden Skans

Has anyone seen Olivia Newton John? General Zod would like to speak with her.
While I was slightly underwhelmed by their live shows back in  when I saw them last year, I gotta say the new Klaxons single, "Golden Skans," is pretty awesome. The supremely funky bassline in the verse is what does it for me. It’s certainly not the lyrics which make absolutely no sense whatsoever: "A hall of records, or
numbers, or spaces still undone / Ruins, or relics, disciples and the
young." Uh huh. They’re still better than anything Bernard Sumner has written in ten years.

MP3: Klaxons – Golden Skans

Don’t look for the music video (directed by Saam Faramand, no relation to ssam, the Korean burrito) to illuminate things either, despite the opening titles that proclaim "IN THE BEGINNING THERE WAS NOTHING. IN THE END, THERE WILL BE NOTHING. ONLY LIGHT." And in between will be the Klaxons, wearing loincloths and ribbons, showering the air with glitter and attacking giant glowing pills with samurai swords. It’s like a synthesis of the Jackson’s "Can You Feel It?" and Xanadu. I dig it.

Check it out for yourself: YouTube | Quicktime

The Klaxons’ debut album, Myths of the Near Future, is out January 30 on Modular.


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