Interesting Things Not Written by Me

  • Where restaurants once just had a five-disc changer on an iPod on shuffle, The New York Times reports on the sophistication of music at fine dining destinations (aka pricey music consultants being brought in). How do I get this job? Attention restaurants. I’ll offer this service for trade. First thing I’d do? Ban that nondescript, faux Kruder & Dorfmeister crap played at every Thai restaurant (and Morimoto) in the city. The article mentions Babbo, and how it remains at the whim of Molto’s taste. Last time I ate there, they were blaring UB40‘s Rat in the Kitchen, which seems more like a Mesa Grill album to me.
  • Former Creation Records honcho now Guardian blogger Alan Mcgee — the man who gave us the Jesus and Mary Chain, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and Oasispicks his top new bands for 2007, including The Horrors, Glasvegas and Viking Moses. Take these with a ramekin of salt, though — he also gave us Heavy Stereo, 3 Colors Red, and the Ping Pong Bitches. He’s still cooler than Tony Wilson, though.
  • Noting that Nightmare of You nicked their name from The Cure‘s "Kyoto Song," Chris Ott offers up 50 other good names copped from Robert Smith lyrics. This post is nearly a year old, but it popped up in my RSS reader for some reason and I enjoyed the post, so I’m including it here anyway. That said, band names taken from Pulp songs are much better.

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