Grey’s Anatomy Does Its Research

The Research: Outstanding in Their Field. No one's ever used that caption before.
The Research
‘s excellent album Breaking Up was my #15 album of 2006 but
the band have yet to get signed in America. That could change though,
as their single "Lonely Hearts Still Beat the Same" will feature on
tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Never doubt the power of Alex Patsavas (she also does the same for The OC [which I just realized are on opposite each other], at least for a few more weeks).

I would be watching if my TV hadn’t gone kerplooey right before Christmas. (Still waiting on Best Buy to decide what they’re going to do about it.) So I may just listen to the song and make up my own scene to play out over top of it. You can do the same…

MP3: The Research – "Lonely Hearts Still Beat the Same"

Buy Breaking Up from

Read my account of their Mercury Lounge show last March.


  1. 2 words (or one URL): TV Torrents (
    I get all my OC episodes that way since it's on opposite Grey's, as you noted above. It's also great if we forget to tape something if we're out. I know watching TV on a computer screen kinda sucks, but it's nice because the commercials are usually edited out and what not.

  2. Love the songs on Grey's – they're spot on the emotions and real-life drama. Have heard of this band before but never really regarded them as much. I hope they can recognized on a bigger platform.

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