Goodbye to the OC, Bitch!

If you had asked me if I cared if The OC was canceled  at the end of the Marissa-killing Season Three finale, I would have said "good riddance." Season’s two and three were overly melodramatic and missed the good nature of the show’s rediculously entertaining season. But then Season Four brought back the funny, the lightheartedness that typified it’s first season and I was hooked again.

So today’s announcement that FOX had pulled the plug on The OC was actually sad. Rumors abound that it might jump to the CW next year, but I think maybe it’s time to go. FOX is airing the remaining eight episodes starting tonight (January 4)… watch while you can. It’s really been back in it’s prime, thanks in part to Autumn Reeser as Taylor Townsend, which initially seemed like a ripoff of Gilmore Girls’ Paris Gellar but now has turned into something awesome. It’s actually made Ryan interesting. And Marissa’s little sister, Kaitlin, was way cooler than her older sibling ever was. Sigh. So it goes.

UPDATE: creator Josh Shwartz says they’re just going to end the show while it’s on a creative high. Good for them.

Additionally, it would be remiss to ignore the impact of The OC on the indie rock landscape. I interviewed Music Supervisor Alex Patsavas back in 2005 for, and Brooklyn Vegan lists every song every heard on the show.

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  1. I too gave up on The O.C. last year and on a whim tuned in the first ep of this season. What a joy to watch again. I must admit I felt a bit sad that the ax has fallen, but I was not surprised, especially when they cut the season order down to 16 eps.
    Taylor Townshend = my first TV crush in ages.

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