CBGBs… the “C” Now Stands for Chocolate

Cbgbs_chocolateCertainly one of the most inappropriate product tie-ins ever, but just take comfort that, as the rock club has shuttered, these fancy chocolates aren’t actually being made on the premises. Idolator has already made enough toilet jokes, so I’ll refrain. $21 bucks for this sampler, made at the East Village’s Chocolate Bar. (You can order online.) They’ve also got these candy bars too:



  1. is this what i'm getting for valentine's day? never too early to start planning 😉

  2. kara of treats club fame sent this around this morning. we went to chocolate bar for treats club, and it's amazing. order the hot chocolate to go with the cbgbs candy bars.

  3. It looks that way but I first saw it this morning on Idolator, and I am legally bound to post about anything that involves both music AND food.

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