Young Knives Get Sharp for U.S.

One of my favorite shows of 2006 (that I never got around to writing up) was seeing The Young Knives at the Annex back in March. It was an after-party for the rowdy Rakes / Towers of London gig at Bowery. The Brakes played too, but the Young Knives were the real treat for me. They play that kind of nervy pop that I love and, like The Rakes, their lyrics are angsty in a funny, relatable way.

Released in the UK in August, Voices of Animals and Men, was just shy of my Top 20 list, falling somewhere around 22, but "She’s Attracted To" made my Best Singles list. As far as I’m concerned, its extended refrain of "You were screaming at your mom and I was punching your dad!" was this year’s "I’ve seen her naked twice!"

I’m happy to report that Rykodisc has snatched up The Young Knives in the US and will release Voices of Animals and Men in March 2007, which I’m guessing will coincide with a stateside visit for SXSW (and NYC along the way). In the meantime, start screaming along…

MP3: The Young Knives – "She’s Attracted To"

The video for "She’s Attracted To" is a classic as as well.

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  1. The Rakes and The Brakes are two of the best English bands,The young knives release great singles but The Towers of london make me cringe.

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