Fugu Me!

Happysushi_2006_webWhat was supposed to be a relaxing week visiting my folks in West Virginia turned into one of the most annoying air travel experiences of my life (down and back!) but when I finally got back to my apartment last night, I was happy to find a package from Sushi Yasuda waiting for me. It was this year’s sushi origami kit, sent as a holiday gift to everyone on their mailing list. (A $10 value, yours free! Sign up here.)

This year… delicious but potentially deadly blowfish! (As if the poisonous element wasn’t enough, it also twitches. Unsettling even for the adventurous palate.) This origami is much better than last year’s eel, if you ask me.

Fugu season runs from October to March, so we are in the prime of it right now. However, it’s hard to come by in New York — you have to be licensed to serve it — and Yasuda doesn’t have it on the menu as far as I know. Morimoto and kaiseki oasis Sugiyama have been known to do fugu, or you could try Masa if you don’t have to pay rent this month. From what I’m told, it’s not the fish’s flavor that is the draw as much as tingly, numbing sensation you get when you eat it. I think that’s called "mild poisoning." I’m game. As Homer Simpson once said, Fugu me!


  1. I became fascinated with the idea of trying fugu right before the season kicked in but haven't been super motivated to actually pay a visit to Sugiyama (Masa's kind of beyond my means).
    One of my new year's resolutions is to eat more Japanese food–I was thinking more along the lines of ramen or izakaya fare–but fugu fits in too.

  2. I had lobster sashimi once and it twitched a little, but nowhere as much as fugu twitches. It's a little freaky. But I'd definitely try it.
    I wouldn't be surprised if Ushiwakamaru on Houston had blowfish, they usually have unusual, super-japanesey specials that you rarely see anywhere. And it's probably the best sushi for the price in NYC.
    I'm a big ramen fan too, and it's a good time of year for it. I suggest Men Kui Tei on Bowery just below St. Marks.

  3. Hi there, I want to know how to fold a blowfish, but I couldn't read the instructions. Could you type that out for me please. Thanks very much.

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