First Impressions of Transformers Trailer

I was about four years too old for Transformers the first time around — they were definitely the toys I wish I’d had when I was 10 years old — and certainly too old for the cartoon series. So I don’t really have the excitement for the movie I would about, say, a Micronauts movie. And the fact that Michael Bay is directing makes it even less thrilling. But when the trailer hit the internet today, I bit.

Yep, it’s a Michael Bay movie all right, with things are blowing up real good. Wake me when the Autobots win. The only other notable thing, and the only reason I’m posting about this, is that star Shia LeBeouf (who I like) seems to wear a Strokes t-shirt for the whole movie.Transformer_strokes

I wonder if they’ll be on the soundtrack? And will either of those things be enough to get Miss Modern Age to buy a ticket?


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