Sloan Sign to Yep Roc

Good news, Sloan fans. You no longer have to ask your coworker if, while they’re visiting Vancouver, if they might stop by Sam Goody and pick up a copy of Never Hear the End of It for you. The Canadian four-piece have signed to Yep Roc who will release the band’s latest on January 9, 2007.

Never Hear the End of It is Sloan’s eighth album, clocking in at 76 minutes over the course of 29 tracks. It’s easily their best since 1999’s Between the Bridges. This also means the band will hit the road for a Winter/Spring Stateside tour. Sloan are always great live, even when the albums they are supporting have been lacking.

Yep Roc seems like a good home for this band than has never gotten a fair shake from American labels. Other artists on the label’s roster include Robyn Hitchcock, the Comas, the Apples in Stereo, and the Go-Betweens.

Still, it’s a long time till January, so here’s something to tide you over till then, a tune from drummer Andrew Scott:

MP3: Sloan – "Something’s Wrong"

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