Rush to Mahogany…then You Can Leave

Not that Voxtrot aren’t a nice band whose influences read like a large chunk of my record collection, but there’s a better reason to head to Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday.

Mahogany‘s new album, Connectivity!, is a checklist of hipster touchstones in its own right (Martin Hamnett-style production, Devo-ish robotics, Cocteau Twins guitar wash, the absurdly long song titles of Stereolab) but darn if it doesn’t work. When they played a brief, very late set at Don Hill’s this summer, the band wowed from sheer volume — not only loudness but number of people on stage. (Eight, from what I remember.) Two drummers is the way to my heart, and I am smitten.

Go early… and don’t feel guilty about leaving early, either. It’s been a long week. And you’ve seen Voxtrot before.

Here’s Connectivity!‘s first single, the zippy, Robyn Guthrie-produced "Supervitesse":

MP3: Mahogany – "Supervitesse"

You can also watch the video. I think it’s the only thing left on YouTube.


  1. I like the Mahogany Rush reference as well. At first I thought you were posting something about them, but of course I should have known better, as the song title (used by The Beatles, Wire and more recently Yo La Tengo) goes. Anyway I don't think that Voxtrot have played a single show yet here in Philly? Can you believe that? They play NYC every other weekend or it least it seems that way to me. They're worse than Art Brut in that regard. I'm amazed they haven't moved there yet.

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