…If There’s Enough to Go Around

When was the last time you were so taken by a song that you just played it over and over and over? For me it was last Wednesday when I heard "Casual Use," the new single from Brit-Swede trio The Shortwave Set. Today alone I’ve listened to it maybe 15 times. I’m not sure exactly why it has this hold on me. The Shortwave Set’s debut, The Debt Collection, made my Best Albums of 2005 list, but "Casual Use" eclipses anything they’ve done yet.

I love any artist that can take a sample, repurpose it, and create something new out of it while still retaining a tie to the original recording. In this case it’s the opening chords to Madness‘ 1980 single "My Girl" and what The Shortwave Set do with it is nothing short of spellbinding. You can dance to it too.

MP3: The Shortwave Set – Casual Use

and for comparison…

MP3: Madness – My Girl

"Casual Use" is available as a 7" only. Get it at Rough Trade Shops. The Shortwave Set’s second album is due sometime next spring. This will have to hold you till then.


  1. Dont you mean The Debt Collection made your best of 2005.I hope to see The dears at the top of this years list.Im not coping your record collection but i bought 11 of your top 20 last year.

  2. i had the exact same reaction. play, repeat, play, repeat, play, repeat (air drumming each and every time!) great band, great song.

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