CMJ 2006 Wrap-Up

Number of bands seen: 25

Canada: 8
Sweden: 3
Los Angeles: 3
NYC: 2
Chicago: 2
Michigan: 2
England: 1
Denmark: 1
Arizona: 1
Cleveland: 1
Portland: 1

Band: The Blow, Malajube
Worst Band: Canada (the band, from Michigan)
Best show nobody saw: Thursday’s Mint Records showcase at Union Hall
Most disappointing: The Tyde at Mercury Lounge
Best day party: Brooklyn Vegan’s Friday show at Fontana’s
Best day party margarita: White Rabbit, locale of the Gothamist House.
Best day party freebies: Never-ending Red Stripes at the Fader Sideshow.
Buzz bands that played 17 times but I missed: Thermals, Annuals, the Horrors, Loney Dear

Photo swiped from thisismecl’s Flickr photostream.


  1. That Friday show at Fontana's was just one of the best lineups I've ever seen/heard.
    I've got a bunch of photos from that day up on my site.

  2. Oh god. The Blow. I want to marry The Blow. I want to have The Blow's children and enlist them in pre-school early because of how amazing and gifted they will be. Am I making myself clear? I FUCKING LOVE THE BLOW.

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