CMJ 2006 | The Tyde | Fader Sideshow

Thetyde_fader_1Friday was my first stop at The Fader‘s rented storefront on Delancey that served as a daytime performance space for some  of CMJ’s most buzzed-about bands… if you were on the list. Seemed to me that most everyone was. They also had a never ending-supply of Red Stripe that made for a nice primer for the evening rock shows ahead. Despite being organized by the Fader and their sister publicity company, Cornerstone Promotions, the "Sideshow" had a real free-for-all vibe to it, and a couple of my favorite CMJ moments happened here.

Bands only got 25 minutes of stage time, and SoCal pop group The Tyde certainly took the right approach to it, playing the six best songs from their last two albums with nary a word of banter in between. Apart from main man Darren Rademaker and his wife Ann Do, this was a completely different Tyde than last played here in 2003. The four new members certainly fit the look — vintage Dogtown — though I’m not sure about Darren’s new ’70s sleaze look (pornstache, headband) but they sounded good, even if they seemed a little sleepy.

Setlist: "Blood Brothers," "Go Ask Your Dad," "Brock Landers," Henry VIII," "Do It Again Again," "Shortboard City"

MP3: The Tyde – "Brock Landers"

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