CMJ 2006 | Shout Out Out Out Out | Fader Sideshow


Frontman Nic Kozub introduced the band as follows: "Hi, we’re Shout Out Out Out Out. We play dance music and I yell curse words through a vocoder." That kinda sums up what these Canadians are all about, but they fail to get into some interesting specifics. Like having two drummers. And, on at least one song, three bassists.

It makes for an exciting live show — like !!! covering Daft Punk — even against the florescent lights and stark white backdrop of the Fader Sideshow storefront. (Actually, it was refreshing to actually be able to see bands doing what they do.) Their set climaxed with that two drummer, three bass (can’t remember what the other guy was doing) the kids were pretty much going bananas. I can only imagine what it’s like in a loud, dark, sweaty club.

On record, Shout Out Out Out Out aren’t quite as engaging, but this tune, from their album Not Saying / Just Saying holds up pretty well.

MP3: Shout Out Out Out Out – "Procrastinator’s Fight Song"

Photo swiped from f.trainer’s Flickr photostream.

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  1. Shout Out Out Out touring w/ 120 Days – NYC, SXSW — and finally some CMJ pics

    DOWNLOAD: Shout Out Out Out – Nobody Calls Unless They Want Something (MP3) (more @ MySpace) Canada's Shout Out Out Out Out (not to be confused with the Shout Out Louds) were one of the buzz bands to come out…

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