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Pas/Cal, indie pop’s least prolific band is back — with another EP! That brings the Detroit band’s output to three EPs in six years. (Plus an A-side or two.) Luckily, it another good’un. Dear Sir, to be released November 7, is six more tracks of exuberant, organ-crazed, foppy tunefulness. Not much different, really, than their other two EPs (2002’s Handbag Memoirs and 2004’s Oh Honey, We’re Ridiculous) but at the rate they release records, it’s hard to tire of the sound. The highlight for me:

MP3: Pas/Cal – "Little Red Radio"

According to Pas/Cal’s website, we can expect their full-length debut in early 2007. But if it contains "The Red Radio," "What Happened to the Sands?," "The Bronze Beached Boys" and "Summer is Almost Here" then they might as well call it The Three EPs.

Regardless, they are a lot of fun in concert.

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  1. Hello,
    I work with PAS/CAL and wanted to let you know that only "Little Red Radio" from the Dear Sir EP and "Summer Is Almost Here" from the very limited 12" vinyl single will be included on the album.
    Good day,
    Bernard Levine, esq.

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