Karl Lagerfeld: I’m Your Fan

I was flipping through the new Caroline Distribution catalog when this stopped me dead in my tracks:
Karl_lagerfeldInitially, I thought it was a CD from Germany’s most famous exports, Heino. Right country, wrong guy. The title read, Karl Lagerfeld: My Favorite Songs. Oh dear. Could the 73-year-old German fashion icon and former fan-waver be recording an album of standards? (That would probably be a lot like a Heino record, come to think of it.)

No. Turns out Lagerfeld has compiled a two-disc set of his favorite songs — presumably used in recent fashion shows.

Heino is not on it, though "Blau Blueht Der Enzian" would make perfect catwalk material.

I was all ready to make more jokes at his expense, but then I read the tracklisting which, the sell sheet claims, was chosen by Lagerfeld himself. LCD Soundsystem. Stereolab. Xavier Cugat. Stravinsky! The Fall!! So I can only make fun of the "Amazing CD digipak design" which Lagerfeld also created. Actually, I haven’t seen it so I can only judge the cover. He’s just not the same without the girth… and the fan.

Full tracklisting for Karl Lagerfeld: My Favorite Songs

1.    Devendra Banhart – Feel Like a Child
2.    The Boy Least Likely To – Be Gentle with Me
3.    Minotaur Shock – Vigo Bay
4.    Lindstrom & Prinz Thomas – Mighty Girl
5.    Mayber & Aguayo – Slow
6.    LCD Soundsystem – Too Much Love
7.    The Free Design – The Proper Ornaments
8.    The Pipettes – Your Kisses are Wasted On Me
9.    Smokers Die Younger – Yer Actual
10.    Electrelane – Eight Steps
11.    Xavier Cugat – Perfidia
12.    Planning to Rock – I Wanna Bite Ya
13.    Fiery Furnaces – I’m in No Mood
14.    A Hawk and a Hacksaw – Romceasca

1.    The Fall – Blindness
2.    Stravinsky – Pulcinella
3.    The Bell Orchestra – The Upwards March
4.    Siouxsie & the Banshees – Spellbound
5.    Matmos – Solo Buttons for Joe Meek
6.    Caribou – Lord Leopard
7.    Goldfrapp – Slide In (DFA remix)
8.    Joakim – I Wish You Were Gone
9.    Stereolab – I Was a Sunny Rainphase
10.    Kreidler – Cervantes

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  1. I don't believe it! this list was clearly compiled by andre leon talley.

  2. How can I get it? I guess it would be very hard to get it.. especially in Switzerland =(

  3. music & fashion w/ Cat Power, Devendra Banhart, Karl Lagerfeld, & Marc Jacobs

    Remember when Devendra Banhart played for Karl Lagerfeld ? (way before Devendra played for David Byrne.) Devendra then went on to contribute to two of Karl's projects a CD/book thing and a 2-disk CD that also includes tracks by LCD…

  4. I love you Karl.
    I will be same you, my idol for me.
    today I 14 years old, 6 year later I will found you , I have you picture and I will be designer. Meme is my brand.

  5. Karl is a rare find, like an undiscovered jewel in the mines of tanzania. he is timeless and fleeting – we never get tired of him, his essence.

  6. awesome this CD also works for another fashion shows…
    and maybe for exercise, amazing idea, make a CD with this songs, are multifunctional

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