Where’s the Love?

While trying to wrap up what’s turning into a long-winded review of Tuesday night’s Dears show at Bowery Ballroom (apocalyptic!), not to mention thoughts on such things as the new Scissor Sisters (disappointing!), Idolator (it’s a blog!), the new TV season (I watch too much TV!), and a hundred other posts not likely to ever materialize(I’m lazy!)…

…I’d like to point you toward my friend Toby’s blog, Finest Kiss. Toby and I worked at our college radio station together during George Bush, Sr’s presidency, and he went on to be Music Director at WCDB in Albany during his grad school days. There he amassed a giant indie rock 7" collection. He’d send me mixtapes compilations of them, most of it which I’d never heard of before (or since). But there was a lot of great songs that never made it to CD, even though this was the mid-’90s. Many of these bands never got further than one single and a chickfactor review.

Before this gets too lengthy, the point is Toby has started digitizing these little slabs of lost vinyl and is now offering them up as MP3s, the first of which was posted today.

Anyone remember Swedish band Neil Armstrong? Check it out.

Hopefully, Toby will be industrious and keep these coming at a regular rate. I have been looking for a quality MP3 of Monsterland‘s "Peanut Butter Karma" for forever. Anyone got that one?


  1. muchas gracias for the kind words. the 7" collection isn't what I would call giant, but my wife would say it takes up way too much space.

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