Dears Play Tonight: Tickets Still Available

If you don’t have plans tonight — or even if you do — you should go see The Dears at Bowery Ballroom. Easily one of the best live bands touring today, these Montreal natives also have a fantastic, bombastic new album, Gang of Losers, to support as well.

Seriously, The Dears are amazing live. If you’re on the fence, go see them.

Think you hate them? Go see them.

Just go. They get my highest recommendation.

Tickets are still available, though at $17 bucks, a bit expensive for the Bowery. But worth it. The Grates open, making it an even better value.

Pitchfork reviews last week’s show at Schubas in Chicago with loads of pictures.

MP3:  The Dears – "Hate Then Love"


  1. The Bowery Presents people have to stop pushing those price points up. It severely limits the amount of shows I see at their venues.

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