The Future’s On Hold

Bad news for Mike Judge fans. Idiocracy, his first movie since Office Space — which was scheduled to be released September 1 — has been "indefinitely postponed" according to MTV.

Actually, this is not that surprising as its release has been delayed numerous times (it’s been in the can for two years) until finally appearing on Fox’s September release schedule. But there was no mention of it on Fox’s website, no official site, no trailer, no billboards, no nothing.

Maybe you didn’t even know this was a movie.

Idiocracy stars Luke Wilson as an average man who is cryogenically frozen in 2005. When he’s thawed in 3001, he finds that he’s the smartest person on the planet.

Sounds like a funny idea to me, but obviously something went wrong. One wonders, "how bad can it be?" We may never know… or at least have to wait for DVD.


  1. i don't remember office space initally being well-received…it was more of a cult hit, right? i love that movie, so i am anxious to see this new one. however, why does luke wilson have to be in everything? i don't hate him. i just feel like he's everywhere.

  2. Wow, this actually sounds good. Nobody saw Office Space when it first came out…it had a sorta pre-Napoleon Dynamite explosion when it hit home video and people begrudgingly rented it.

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