Pay Less for Sambassadeur

Please note -- you can't see their shoes. What are you hiding, Sambassadeur?
I make mix CDs for the video store I where I occasionally work and the most recent one was all Swedish bands. It kicked off with "Kate," the bouncy, rediculously catchy new single by Sambassadeur (the lead track from their new EP, Coastal Affairs) which I downloaded off the Labrador Records website. While it was playing, my coworker Darlene asked me who it was, saying it’s used in a new Payless Shoes commercial.

How the hell does this happen? Sambassadeur isn’t even signed in America. There is no denying it’s a good song and the Göteborg quartet are one of Labrador’s best bands. (Check out last year’s self-titled debut, really great pop.) I just don’t know who is putting this music in these commercials — especially for something as pedestrian as Payless. (Sorry, couldn’t resist a snobby pun.)

What I’m really asking is, why don’t I have that job?

MP3: Sambassadeur – Kate.mp3


BTW, Labrador’s site always has lots of free MP3s. Right now you can get the new Legends’ single, "Lucky Star," and new [ingenting] as well.

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  1. yes that is a great song! I placed that one, my company does licensing, and having been in indie rock for years, I always get music from my friends labels, and I have known the Labrador guys forever.

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