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Sloan are offering another track of their upcoming 30-track opus, Never Hear the End of It (due September 19, in Canada at least). Penned by resident ham Chris Murphy, “Fading into Obscurity” is an opus in its own right, and sort of feels like the whole of 1999’s Between the Bridges shrunk down into one 4:18 song. It’s starts off slow and dreamy, then makes right turn into “All the Young Dudes” descending chord progression territory before taking a couple more musical bends in the road. Murphy’s self-depricating wordplay is also in full effect: "For that matter, this cake is baked but I much prefer the batter / perhaps in part because it had so much potential / to be delicious and still be influential."

Any more baking secrets, Chris? Between this and “Who Taught You to Live Like That?”, Never Hear the End of It seems to have the makings of a return to form – at least for those who were nonplussed with Sloan’s last album.

MP3: Sloan – "Fading Into Obscurity"

Meanwhile, the band has released the full tracklisting for Never Hear the End of It, which will be one CD but a double on vinyl:

Album_diagram1. Flying High Again
2. Who Taught You To Live Like That?
3. I’ve Gotta Try
4. Everybody Wants You
5. Listen To The Radio
6. Fading Into Obscurity
7. I Can’t Sleep
8. Someone That I Can Be True With
9. Right Or Wrong
10. Something’s Wrong
11. Ana Lucia
12. Before The End Of The Race
13. Blackout
14. I Understand
15. You Know What It’s About
16. Golden Eyes
17. Can’t You Figure It Out?
18. Set In Motion
19. Love Is All Around
20. Will I Belong?
21. Ill Placed Trust
22. Live The Life You’re Dreaming Of
23. Living With The Masses
25. People Think They Know Me
26. I Know You
27. Last Time In Love
28. It’s Not The End Of The World
29. Light Years
30. Another Way I Could Do It

If you look closely at that vinyl sequencing diagram, you’ll notice each song has a color next to it, which I’m guessing is for who wrote what, which should put the song count at:

Chris – 13
Patrick – 8
Jay – 5
Andrew – 4

And one ("HFXNSHC" is not on that board) unaccounted for.


  1. sort of feels like the whole of 1999’s Between the Bridges shrunk down into one 4:18 song
    that sounds like my idea of heaven. i can't wait to get home and listen to this song.

  2. I'm so excited about this new Sloan album. They said something on myspace about a possible US tour this winter and I really really hope that happens!

  3. The song sequencing is actually:
    Red = Chris (13)
    Blue = Andrew (8)
    Yellow = Jay (5)
    Green = Patrick (4)
    (I did an interview with Jay a few weeks ago in which he mentioned who(m?) will have what and how many: HERE).
    – Beth

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