The Rakes | Bowery Ballroom | 7.05.2006

Another entertaining show by The Rakes, still one of the more overlooked of the current crop of British sideways haircuts. Singer Alan Donahoe was a real Chatty Cathy between songs, but his cadence was an accelerated mumble that was almost entirely incomprehensible to these ears (and I can watch Ken Loach films without subtitles!). He also has this signature dance move involving his elbows that I’ve got to learn how to do. Actually there are a number of Donahoe signature moves, but you need a mike stand for most of them. The elbow one is the only move you can do sans props.

There was at least one new song tonight, but perhaps as many as four. I didn’t recognize a few of them. They were all pretty good. I call the Rakes overlooked — pretty sure the show wasn’t sold out — but it was near capacity with an enthused, raucous crowd. Not as rambunctious as their last show, but then that had Towers of London as the very wild card.

I missed openers The Adored but heard they weren’t bad. Unfortunately I got there early enough to see San Francisco’s Every Move a Picture — by-the-numbers dancepunk/new wave revivalists who didn’t have a original bone in their body or a hook in their entire set. It was the kind of set that made you appreciate the songcraft of The Bravery. The band stole mainly from Duran Duran and U2, including old-school Bono-esque song introductions: "This song is about Civil War!" He probably wasn’t kidding, though I wish he was.

But please go see the Rakes. Here are the remainder of their tour dates…

06.07.06    Boston (USA) – Paradise Rock Club
07.07.06    Washington DC (USA) – Black Cat
08.07.06    Providence Rhode Island (USA) – Century Lounge
10.07.06    Chicago (USA) – Double Door
11.07.06    Minneapolis (USA) – Varsity Theatre/Cafe Des Artistes
14.07.06    Seattle (USA) – El Corazon (formerly Graceland) all ages show
15.07.06    Portland (USA) – Berbati’s Pan
16.07.06    San Francisco (USA) – Great American Music Hall
17.07.06    Los Angeles (USA) – Troubadour

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