PB&J… not just for “Young Folks”

Like most Swedes, Stockholm’s Peter, Bjorn and John have a great ear for melody, tempering the sugar with dirty production and melancholic lyrics. The trio has been kicking around since 1999 but really only got down to business last year with their great, under-heard second album, Falling Out, which was released domestically on Hidden Agenda (which almost serves as a musical Swedish Embassy here in the US). The band are now signed to Wichita (home of Bloc Party and the Cribs) and are set to release their third — and by far best — album, Writer’s Block, next month in the UK. (It’s been out in Scandinavia since late May.)

Jim Kelly, Parasol/Hidden Agenda’s expert on all things Scandinavian, has declared Writer’s Block the "Best Scandinavian Pop Album of 2006" and should appeal to fans of  Shout Out Louds and the Radio Dept.

But it’s the single, "Young Folks," that’s really going to get PB&J noticed. A boy-meets-girl duet between frontman Peter Moren and recently ex-Concretes singer Victoria Bergsman, "Young Folks" is just one of those songs you love from the first time you hear it. Did I mention the bongos and whistling? Irresistible and ripe for remixing. But it’s pretty perfect on it’s own.

MP3: Peter Bjorn and John – "Young Folks"

Watch the video (Windows Media): Low | Medium | High

No domestic release date for Writer’s Block yet, but Hidden Agenda has the Scandinavian import for domestic prices.


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