Acid House Kings to Play U.S.

Swedish pop royalty Acid House Kings are hitting America for a weeklong visit in July, including two stops in NYC. If you’re not familiar with AHK’s particular brand of melodic jangle, think Camera Obscura, any number of early ’90s bands on the Sarah label, or basically anything Chickfactor covered. Though best known for 2003’s Mondays are like Tuesdays and Tuesdays are like Wednesdays and last year’s Sing Along with Acid House Kings (both released by Labrador, also home to the Radio Dept and the Legends) they’ve actually been holding court since 1991. They don’t get this way very often, so be sure to check them out if they play your town. Here are the dates (sorry West Coast):

July 6: Chicago, IL (at Lakeshore Theatre)

July 7: Detroit, MI

July 8: New York, NY (at The Cake Shop)

July 9: Brooklyn, NY (at North 6)

July 10: Boston, MA

July 11: Washington, DC

July 12: Philapdelphia, PA

And a couple MP3s…

Acid House Kings – "Sunday Morning"

Acid House Kings – "Do What You Wanna Do"


  1. I hear the legends are touring with them. sounds like a great double bill!

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