No bonnets (or frills upon it), but Easter Eggs were made this year. You can’t just get a plain coloring kit anymore — they’re all themed with ugly shrinky-dink wrappers. What these kits really need is a second wire dipper, though we were armed with a set of rabbit-shaped Easter Egg tongs. And nobody had Paas; it was all Dudley Brand which I’m sure was just as good but nostalgia-wise it wasn’t the same.

We opted not to use the dye tablets and instead bought some food coloring and made our own blends:

Dyeing_eggsI think they all turned out pretty good, especially for not having dyed eggs for at least ten years. Camera Obscura and the Pernice Brothers are excellent music choices by which to make crafts.

Inevitably, you try to get too creative, use too many colors, and end up making one that turns out a cruddy brown. So I ate that one. As I was peeling it, I noticed that cracking the shell gave it a cool spiderweb look. Gonna have to remember it for next year:Cracked_egg

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