Any Way You Slice It

Kudos to Adam K (seen here eating some just-made mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto) at Slice, and all those at Gothamist and Fornino for making the Gothamist-Slice Pizza Party such a delicious, hassle-free pleasure — not to mention cute buttons that said "I Love Pizza" in every language imaginable. BillgandakateThe pizza kept coming till we were about to burst, and the beer flowed like wine, and the wine flowed like beer.
(Ganda and Kate [left, pictured with some dude] kept the evening fun. And extremely drunken. That’s how you Monday, folks.) Every pizza we tried — all of them — was good but, as cliche as it may seem, the one with truffles Slice_truffle(the Tartufo, below right)
was the absolute bomb. Dear god. This pizza alone will set you back $35 and made the night worth it, even if everything else had been bad. But that wasn’t the case, obviously. The fresh mozzarella that Fornino owner Michael Ayoub made in front of us ran a close second on the delicious scale. What a treat. Seriously, this was the best time I’ve had in months. I took no pictures myself (my hands were full of pizza and beer) but thankfully others did — like Youngna’s that I swiped for this post. I’m sure more will follow.

Partner in crime Ganda gives a very funny, detailed report on the evening at Eat Drink One Woman.

More reports on the pizza proceedings:  Slice NY, Gothamist, Tien Mao, The Primary Vivid Weblog, Rasberry Heaven

Adam K took the group photo, one of many great shots on his Flickr photostream. Actually, lots of people took great photos.


  1. thanks to you and kate for the good times. i'm a little dry and wrinkly this morning, but it was well worth it.

  2. The Slice is Right

    While I was out of town, Adam Kuban of Slice sent me an email inviting me to his pizza party. I figured it would be 12-15 of his friends going out to some secret joint in the outer boroughs and

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