Oh No! Love Monkey Lives!

Sometimes, you just can’t keep a bad show down. Love Monkey, the insipid Sex and the City For Dudes series which was dropped by CBS after airing only three episodes, has been salvaged by it’s pop-culture-obsessed Viacom cousin VH1 — good news for Teddy Geiger fans everywhere and almost no one else. If you missed it the first time around, the series stars Tom Cavanagh as an NYC-based A&R exec who, after being dumped by his girlfriend and fired from his cushy major label job in the same day, takes a salary decrease work for "indie" label True Vinyl where he can get back to what matters — the music. And by that I mean signing bland, pretty-boy, MOR singers like Teddy Geiger.

The series is one of the most contrived things I’ve ever seen — and yes, I watched Crash — a show that seems to know nothing about being single, the music industry, or life in New York. It’s also an hour-long commercial for Sony, who produces the show and whose artist roster features heavily in the show. (Guess who Teddy Geiger’s signed to?) In addition to the flat humor, forced music biz jargon and band references, are a parade of musician cameos. Hey look, it’s Ben Folds! And that’s Robbers on High Street!  And  there’s James Blunt. I think that somewhere in the comments of some other blog I referred to Love Monkey as "The Bravery of television shows" — so opposite to everything that’s right and good with the world that would continue to follow it just so I could hate it more. And now I can continue that quest.

VH1 will begin airing the series from the beginning starting April 11, with previously unseen episodes debuting in May. Don’t worry, though, production has ceased on the series and Tom Cavanagh and co-star Larenz Tate have already signed on to new projects. Both are talented, likable actors who deserve better than this.


  1. hey, now maybe I'll actually see an epsiode to see what all the fuss is about…
    …or not. Hell, I barely find time to watch well-written shows I like.
    I'm also not sure if I'd go so far as to refer to Cavanaugh as "talented", but he's certainly likeable. Hopefully the next project will have more legs.

  2. Oh good. One of the episodes was supposed to have featured a scene shot in Grimaldi's. At least I can DVR them all from the beginning and catch it.
    "The Bravery of television shows." Heh. Good one.

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