New Wonder Showzen! High Five!

It’s a good week for Wonder Showzen fans. The excellent Season One DVD set came out Tuesday and tonight at 9:30pm is the Season Two premiere on MTV2. Now that the show has gotten popular, maybe they’ll actually start the show at 9:30 and not 9:43 or whatever the hell time they felt like — which is what they did last year. The DVD set has some nice extras — the audition footage with the kids is funny — and some appropriately obtuse commentary tracks. Whose hat represents more oppression -- mine or yours?
You also get the "Health" episode that MTV2 won’t air anymore — a kid dressed as Hitler asking people on the street "what’s wrong with the youth of today?" apparently didn’t set well with some. It’s too bad, as "Health" is arguably the funniest episode from Season One, with the whole "Chewties is Cooties" thing and a great cameo from Chris Meloni. I also am partial to "History," especially the little puppet show Number 2 puts on. There DVD package has a very funny Pat the Bunny gag.

Tonight’s new episode is "Body" and you can look forward to, among other things, redheaded "Beat Kid" Trevor visiting a beauty contest. "Would you kick a pony in the face to end world hunger?" High five!

Meanwhile, there’s a great interview with show creators Vernon Chatman and John Lee over at

On MTV’s Standards and Practices Dept: "The best line we got from them is, ‘If you’re gonna call a cougar a fruit, he must be humping the strawberry.’ That was our requirement."

It’s amazing they still have their jobs.


  1. Thanks for the link to the interview on I totally agree with their comments about early Sesame Street actually. Oh, and Clarence rules.

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