Blinded by the Stars (Hollow)

From the Pernice Brothers‘ mailing list:

Joe Pernice will make his episodic television debut in an upcoming Gilmore Girls.  He will play one of several Stars Hollow troubadour-wannabes that descend on the town after the regular troubadour, Grant Lee Phillips, is discovered by Neil Young and whisked off on a tour.  Joe will sing a yet-to-be-determined song.  No word yet on who the other troubadours are, but knowing the excellent musical instincts of the Gilmore gang, it will undoubtedly be good.  I do not yet know the air date, but will post as soon as I do.  Joe heads out to Burbank next week to tape.  I know I have a proclivity toward making things up, but this is true.  I swear to God.

Let’s just hope a fist fight doesn’t break out between Joe and Joel Gion. In other Pernice Brothers news, the band has wrapped — or nearly wrapped — recording their fifth album, Ascending/Maintaining, due later this year. It will mark a return to the lush, string-laden territory of 2001’s World Won’t End, as opposed to the new-wavey direction of 2003’s Yours, Mine and Ours and last year’s Discover a Lovelier You.

The Gilmore Girls has been on hiatus for what seems like ever, but returns next week with a new episode, "I’m OK, You’re OK" where Rory may or may not forgive Logan for his indiscretions while they were "on a break"; and Zach asks Mrs. Kim for permission to marry Lane. In the meantime, tonight’s a repeat of this season’s instant classic, "Friday’s All Right for Fighting." Don’t miss the last ten minutes!


  1. You know, I think this season of Gilmore Girls has been great so far, but I was a bit disappointed in that Friday Night's Alright for Fighting episode. They just basically regurgitated stuff that had already happened. The real winners this season have been the ones towards the end of Rory's tenure at Richard and Emily's house, in particular Let Your Balalaikas Ring Out where she tells Emily where she can go. Also, I really liked the other one where Jess makes an appearance (or was it the same one), thus prompting her to re-evaluate her life. In fact I'm totally psyched that Jess is coming back on the 11th, the episode after "I'm OK, You're OK" which will be entitled "The Real Paul Anka".

  2. Gilmore Girls would be one of the aforementioned shows, but part of that has to do with the lack of a viable WB affiliate in my market.
    When WGN dropped their WB affiliation 4 or 5 years ago, the local PAX affiliate picked up the WB primetime programming and ran it from 6-8pm the day following the original air date. In addition to being annoyingly inconvenient, I found it hilarious that they included a disclaimer at either end of the programming block:
    "You are now leaving the WB network. Welcome to PAX, friend to the family." Particularly amusing, given that this would come on the heels of a dark, violent program like Angel and lead into Diagnosis Murder or the Billy Ray Cyrus vehicle Doc.

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