Zutons: New Album, NYC Gig

ZutonsThe Zutons return with their second album, Tired of Hanging Around, on April 17 with a single to preceed it, "Why Won’t You Give Me Your Love?" on April 3. Just as excitingly, they’re playing the Mercury Lounge on March 21 on their way back from the SXSW Music Festival (where they’re sharing the bill with former Kinks frontman Ray Davies). Last time they were in town, The Zutons were playing Webster Hall so getting to see them at the Mercury Lounge will be a rare treat indeed. I saw them there summer of 2004 to a half-capacity crowd (playing with The Features if memory serves) and they tore the joint up. That was before "Pressure Point" was used in a Levi’s commercial or in countless TV shows. Their saxaphonist is a real spitfire. Tickets aren’t listed on Ticketweb yet, but surely will be.

March is a busy Month at the Mercury Lounge for newish British groups heading to or from SXSW. In addition to the Zutons, there’s Battle (3/10), the Guillemots (3/13), the Envelopes (3/14), the killer tripple-bill of Controller Controler, Forward Russia and Amusement Parks on Fire (3/23), Mystery Jets and the Noisettes (3/24, 3/25), White Rose Movement (3/27). (For more on Guillemots and Mystery Jets, check out my Three for Oh Six post.)

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