Lost on Mars

Vm_paperSo I was misinformed about that Britt Daniel cameo on last night’s Veronica Mars. I guess they moved the schedule back, so tune in next week to see Britt sing karaoke (Elvis Costello’s "Veronica," natch) at Java the Hut.

Instead of any members of Spoon, we got onetime warrior princess Lucy Lawless as an FBI agent, a giant plug for the Virgin Suicides soundtrack (I wished they’d played the Sloan track, but I guess that’s too peppy for heartbreak, even phony heartbreak), and a further deepening of this year’s already-way-too-complex story involving a school bus crash, an unsolved murder, one creepy cult-loving family, Irish (!) drug-dealers — and now a "kidnapping" (though it is a "good kidnapping"). Yet the show always has time for humor that never feels out of place, as well as some deft pop culture references. Last night, there was a very cute tip-of-the-hat to VM‘s Wednesday night time-slot competitor, Lost.

Speaking of… in the words of the Comic Book Guy, last night’s Lost was "worst episode ever." Nothing happened. Dominic Monaghan is a likable actor, but the continue to make Charlie such a sad sack loser. The whole "I’ve got to save Claire’s baby" storyline went nowhere — I kept hoping he’d throw the kid into Mount Doom or something. No such luck. I fear Charlie won’t last the season. Or is that "I hope"?


  1. Do you happen to know what song they used when the sherriff was driving down in Mexico at the end of the episode? It sounded like a Gun Club or X outtake. And I agree. It's a really good show and one of the best on TV right now.

  2. You were on the right path, Matt. It's "Four Leaf Clover" by the Old 97's — with Exene duetting with Rhett.

  3. FYI, Veronica works at Java the Hut, not "Java Jive." Yeah, it's a coffehouse that offers karaoke (?), but at least it's a funny pun.
    And Veronica may have its flaws, but at least some part of the story is advanced every week. I wish I could say the same for Lost.

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